Character Creation Conundrum – Part 1

This week on By Any Means Necessary, Natalie takes the reigns and tells you all about three different ways you can randomly generate character concepts at the drop of a hat! BAMN!


Dice and Doggos

Welcome to Kickin' Starters, my weekly love letter to all things funded by the masses. Here's what's taking money out of my wallet this week: Over-sized Graphical Dice Cups with Lid Easy Roller Dice is an amazing website with wonderful dice. I fell upon them awhile ago now, and while I haven't purchased from them... Continue Reading →

Coffee and Games

Welcome to Kickin' Starters - my weekly excuse to day dream about the crowdfunds I may never afford. Also known as my regularly scheduled reveal as a dice addict. No one is surprised. Here's what we found this week! Coffee Refresh I used to work for a coffee corporation for a good 6 and a... Continue Reading →

Villagers, Cupcakes, and yet more DICE

Welcome back to Kickin' Starters - my unending addiction to crowdfunding campaigns. As always - I've mostly found more dice and more games! Dice Potion Bag No one is surprised that there is yet another dice based campaign. I might just make a point to always find one, just to prove that there is ALWAYS... Continue Reading →

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