October 8th, 4pm MST (6pm EST)

Join a band of rogues as they make their way through Dragon Heist, all in honor of the Forging Heroes Society. Our fellow rogues, Natalie and Joshua, will be playing along with a cast of characters through Waterdeep! Join us on October 8th to see how that goes – we think it will be brilliant.About Forging Heroes Society…

What We Do: We supply students and schools with everything they need to play, or run, roleplaying games. We supply them with core rule books, dice for every player, miniatures and battlemats, markers and additional supplements so they can have, or lead, the adventure of a lifetime.

When a club finishes for the year, we visit the club again. Based on the recommendations of the club leader, whether that’s a teacher or peer, we then give two or three members of that club all they need to continue playing the game after club ends and for the rest of their life.

What We Need Your Money For: For everything listed above, but primarily: core rule books, battlemats, DM/GM screens, minis and new roleplaying systems (as not everyone wants to play D&D), and their core rule books and whatever else is required to play them.



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