Resurrecting your D&D Games

Has it been weeks, months, or even years since your last session? We've got you covered! This By Any Means Necessary article examines how to come back to an old game that's been on extended hiatus. BAMN!

Gen Con Recap

Our rogues, Natalie (me!) and Joshua, were at Gen Con this past weekend and had a MAGICAL time! The rogues spent the weekend running games (which, FYI, is a great way to come your badge - more GMs are always needed!) and wanted to share with you the wonderful things we saw, as well as... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia Strikes Again

Welcome to Kickin' Starters - my weekly ballad to all things my wallet wishes it could crowd fund. This week, nostalgia runs rampant as I find products that definitely remind me of my younger years. Let's see what we have! How to Invent Everything: The Time Traveler's Guide So admittedly, I added this list because... Continue Reading →

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