Manipulate Fate with this New Rogue Subclass

Our friends over at The Mage College just published a new subclass for Rogues on DM’s Guild, and it’s pretty spectacular! The Chaotician is a Rogue who learns to, as described by the authors, “harness the forces of chaos and fortune in a more magical fashion” to turn the tide of battle in their favour every time. The class plays like a Rogue who’s borrowed a Warlock’s ability to curse their foes so that misfortune falls them at every turn. They don’t get true spellcasting like the Arcane Trickster, but they do learn a couple of spells that allow them to bend fate to their will. It’s worth checking out.

And did we mention it is co-authored by our very own Natalie Wallace? Huh. How fortunate.

Check it out on DM’s Guild now!


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