Gen Con Recap

Our rogues, Natalie (me!) and Joshua, were at Gen Con this past weekend and had a MAGICAL time! The rogues spent the weekend running games (which, FYI, is a great way to come your badge – more GMs are always needed!) and wanted to share with you the wonderful things we saw, as well as list our faves! If you were there, please comment and let us know what we missed out on!

Things We Did


We ran a LOT of games. Oooo boy. Joshua ran Battlestar Galactica the Board Game, Paranoia, Dark Souls the Board Game, D&D 5e Sunless Citadel, The Visitor, and The Captain is Dead. I ran Dread, D&D 5e Death House, Pandemic, the Dresden Files RPG, and a custom, all girls D&D 5e adventure. We met so many wonderful people, handed out buttons (send us a pic if you got one!), and made some fantastic memories.

We went to Critical Role Live. This is the second time I’ve gone to a live show, and let me tell you, it does NOT disappoint! It was wonderful seeing the cosplayers, getting some exclusive merch, and getting the experience of the wonderful cast playing right in the theatre. It’s reminiscent of the midnight movie releases – the energy is just electric and everyone is just so friendly! On top of it, this year there was a food truck festival happening in the parking lot, so great opportunities for food before the show. The only downside? The lines. They’re not super organized (*cough cough call me cough cough*) and they get pretty darn long. But as I said, everyone’s just so nice and excited to be there, no one seems to mind!

Absolutely magical!

We play tested some soon to be released games. One of the coolest experiences in tabletop gaming is getting to play test new games. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend it. We reached out to a publisher friend and spent some of our nights (more like wee hours of the morning) getting to play some games they’re considering publishing and giving feedback. This ends up being an amazing way of seeing games that might make their way out to the market, and is typically a pretty unique experience altogether.

Things We Saw

Gen Con is great as no matter where you look, there’s something cool. Joshua saw Matt Colville. I saw inflatable T-rexes. Both were happy. But none the less, here were some of our fave things/people we saw!

TAZ and Critical Role cosplay. I love cosplay. A lot of costumes I didn’t really recognize. But what made my little heart just so darn happy was how many TAZ (The Adventure Zone) and Critical Role cosplayers there were. There was so many beautiful costumes, and for me it’s just inspiring to see these characters come alive. I was cosplaying as Lup from TAZ on the Friday (and if you’re just starting to listen to TAZ Balance arc, and you’re like, “Who’s Lup?” – the answer is a giant spoiler so don’t google), and just the amount of love outpouring was wonderful.

img_9371New Games. So many new games!! Some just released, some soon to be released. We got a sneak peak at the minis for the Dark Souls TBG expansions coming out this fall, thanks to Steam Forge. The Witcher RPG book was released as well, but see below about us gushing on that one. The new expansions for the Dresden Files Co-Operative game were released (if you’re not caught up, don’t look at them, so many spoilers). It’s impossible to really capture everything, as while exciting, it’s also mildly overwhelming. But in such a way that is jaw dropping amazing.

So many people. Apparently there was 60,000 attendees this year. Which, while crazy believable, I don’t think I ever felt crowded. Which is a great way for a convention to run. We’re really lucky in that we got to meet some of those people over the course of the weekend while we ran the games. We met all kinds of people from all over the world, which is probably the beautiful part of this convention – you all have something in common.

Things We Bought

Oh gods, did we spend a lot of money. It just… happened. I’m not even sure how. But it did. And we have NO regrets.

Our #GenConHaul

Some of the favourite purchases?

Pandemic Legacy season 2. Last year at Gen Con we got to preview this glorious game. We since finished season one and this weekend we finally made the investment into season 2. If you’ve never played a Legacy game before and you love innovative gaming, then you are missing out, my friend. The idea behind Legacy games is that they are constantly changing and evolving. It might mean you get limited plays through a game, but believe me when I say the experience is worthwhile.

Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger. This is TTRPG meets the ever nostalgic choose your own adventure novels. It is wild and insanely fun – it’s also pretty easy to play on the car ride home from Gen Con, so we learned. So much replay value as well, it was an absolute joy to play through the first time. Apparently there are many endings, so we’ll be playing it through a few more times to try to get them all. And who knows – maybe we’ll run it at next year’s Gen Con!

The Witcher RPG. So oddly enough, we discussed the idea of running a Witcher D&D campaign on the way TO Gen Con. Lo and behold – one was released that weekend!! We also had the pleasure of chatting with the designers, who have been working on this for the last six years (and yes, apparently the release of Witcher 3 threw a number of wrenches into their work), and had them sign the book, no less. The book is pretty comprehensive, useful for players and GMs alike. Suffice to say, we are ECSTATIC at the idea of starting to plan this game!

Where you at Gen Con? What did you see? What did you buy? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!



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