Gay Dice, Games You Can Eat, and Critical Role

Hello and welcome to another love letter to all things crowd funded. This is Kickin’ Starters, and here’s what I’m madly in love with this week:

HeartBeat Pride Dice

If you haven’t learned yet, I ALWAYS put dice in these things. I’m starting to get a lot of dice companies following me on Twitter and Instagram, and while I’m mildly uncomfortable, it also makes me wildly happy because I just really love dice. But I digress!

It’s still June, so it’s still PRIDE MONTH!! So of course, I will take any opportunity to show some gay pride. Especially if it’s in dice form. So they’re doing polyhedral dice in six forms – rainbow pride, transgender, pansexual (yes!), asexual, bisexual, and lesbian. It’s beautiful. I love it. Also on the D20, it’s a heart for the 20. Because aw yeah it is. It’s just something so simple as layered dice but I think it’s wonderful. And everyone gets a super cute, free heart dice bag with it. It has 37 days to go, has kill it’s goal, and so it’s just a great chance to get some wicked awesome dice. Simple. Sweet. I love it.

Edible Games Cookbook

So I saw this first in a group I belong to (and like most groups I belong to, I just stalk everyone incessantly – sorry ladies!!) and got REALLY excited about it. I love baking. I love games. This together seems brilliant. I appreciate that there’s a sample chapter for people to read – it can otherwise but a tricky concept to wrap one’s head around. But I think my favourite part about the sample chapter – the diet and food variations. I live in a dairy free house-hold, so while that’s not addressed below (I know my substitutes though to make it dairy free already) it’s just a wonderful sight to see. The consideration is greatly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 9.49.25 PM.png

As well, I love that you don’t NEED to be an awesome baker to be able to do this. There’s edits available for store bought options. So if you’re feeling really lazy, you can definitely use that cheat. The list of games in there is also hilarious and honestly sounds like a night in with my girlfriends. Couple bottles of wine, this book, and we’d be set. This Kickstarter has just under three weeks to go to make it’s fairly ambitious goal, but it’s well on it’s way to hitting that. I personally look forward to the delicious creations I get to play as I inevitably lose!

Critical Role Miniatures

No joke, I have just sat down and watched the numbers increase like crazy. I thought it was broken at one point because it wouldn’t stop. But no, there’s just that big a fan base for Critical Role.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.04.46 PM.png
Okay but just look at him. Seriously. No? Your loss.

What is Critical Role? It’s a D&D live stream featuring voice actors you’ve definitely heard before. If no one else, you’ve at least heard the DM as McCree in Overwatch. But I digress – after completing one campaign, they’re on to a second and they are FINALLY releasing something I’m sure every Critter has been itching to get their hands on – the character minis. Lo and behold – they did it as a Kickstarter! And a crazy short one at that – I think maybe 10 days? It has less than a week left and it’s just incredible how far they’ve gotten. Clearly a brilliant idea. The pros to this one – there’s just ONE level. Simple. To the point. Gives you everything. The downside – there’s JUST one level. Don’t get me wrong – I love all of them. But am I really going to use a Keyleth mini? Probably not. Do I really just want to obsess over the Percival mini? Maybe. I will confirm or deny nothing. That being said, I have actual uses for that Trinket mini, so I am quite excited. Admittedly, I could probably use them all – I’m running a Tal’Dorei campaign, and while no one else would recognize them, *I* would be aware that I am using the real minis. Yes, this sounds like I’m talking myself into buying them. I should really stop, shouldn’t I?

So that’s it for this week’s Kickin’ Starters! Man, does my wallet feel lighter already. What have you backed this week? Is it any of these? Chat with us on Twitter or use the hashtag #kickinstarters – until next week!


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