Coffee and Games

Welcome to Kickin’ Starters – my weekly excuse to day dream about the crowdfunds I may never afford. Also known as my regularly scheduled reveal as a dice addict. No one is surprised. Here’s what we found this week!

Coffee Refresh

I used to work for a coffee corporation for a good 6 and a half years, which is when I became addicted to caffeine in general. Since those times, I have moved away from coffee in general (both due to health reasons as well as missing that sweet, sweet discount), but I always make exceptions for GOOD coffee, or really interesting coffee. The latter is where this one comes into the picture.

So this is sparkling coffee. Yep. Not a typo. The idea is that it drinks like sparkling water, but tastes like coffee. They started with the citrus, and now going towards single origin coffee.

Things that make my little coffee heart sing: they trace back to where the coffee originates from ON THE CAN. Not hiding in some footnotes. It has the region, the farm, the altitude (yes, that makes a huge difference), the variety, AND tasting notes! So I love that it’s a canned coffee that is different, and somewhat exciting. Whether or not it tastes good – I have NO idea. But I know that if I see it, I will definitely give it a try!

It’s pretty cute, no?

Painted Monster Dice

There’s ALWAYS A DICE ONE! This is it for this week. So this is another one that was on Kickstarter and has come back for more. Painted, creepy monster dice! Who doesn’t need these? But actually, I know Halloween fanatics who would loose their proverbial marbles over this.

So that’s all there is to this one. There’s a monster on the 6 side of a die. They’ve got a few traditional creatures featured. This one is super cool because they’re out of France so their crowdfund is bilingual. It’s already blown it’s initial goal, so it’s pretty much a guaranteed good thing! Estimated delivery is November, so you could probably use this as an excuse to Christmas shop (yes, I’m aware it’s only June) for your Halloween loving friends and gift it to them then.


Probably my FAVOURITE one for this week – a game that you can plant!

Yeah, you heard me!

This game is similar to that of Oh Hell, but at the end of every match, all players except the winner basically has some homework – they need to take a card and plant it. Yeah, we’re going to make you be environmentally RESPONSIBLE! I love it. On top of it all, the game is MEANT to work with fewer and fewer cards. Each card carries enough seeds for one nice herb plant. This also becomes such a cool GIFT on top of it. You can plant the card, grow it, then gift that. You made it yourself! I mean, it does tend to signify that you lost, but you get an herb out of it! Who’s the real winner now? The downside of this game is eventually you do run out, but I think the lasting impact of getting to plant some over outweighs that.

The other neat part about this crowd source is that’s it’s actually a Quickstarter, which is a new initiative wherein it’s meant to challenge one’s creativity in a short period of time and limited resources. You need to design, prototype, and manufacture in under 3 months, the campaign is under 20 days, the funding goal should be under $1000, you can’t do any PR or media outreach (or paid ads on social media), no stretch goals, and you need to offer rewards under $50. There’s a few others as well, but that’s the gist. The idea is to get quick and easy crowdsourcing projects OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE! I think it’s a fantastic initiative, and I’m looking forward to checking out more of these Quickstarters.

That’s it for this week’s finds! What have you backed lately? Share it with us in the comments or on twitter @chaoticrogueentertainment #kickinstarter


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