Kick-pin Starters

Welcome to Kickin’ Starters – my weekly excuse to peruse crowdfunding campaigns that I know I don’t need but since when does that stop me?

So, going to start this one off with a PSA: don’t search “enamel pins” in Kickstarter. I have nearly gone broke just scrolling through them all! Hells bells there are some adorable pins out there. So there’s four faves this week, because I really couldn’t stop myself. And they’re all enamel pins. Which, let’s be real, I gained a serious addiction to these bad boys after going to Disney World and invested in pin trading. So break out that jean vest and pin one on yah!


Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.17.07 PM

This is what started the hunt for adorable pins for me. I love dinosaurs. No, I really do. I secretly am one. Well. I guess not so secretly now. So I fell in LOVE with this pin set after a friend shared it on Facebook. Love at first sight. No one is really that surprised. Further more – each of the dinosaurs have a name and a personality quirk. Because you know. They weren’t adorable enough already. Let’s make them more real and like I want to adopt them all. Casey the T-Rex and Elsa the Triceratops are my favourites so far. How can you not be in love? Fortunately there’s still over a month left, so I’m excited to see how many of the stretch goals they unlock!

Pride Anatomical Hearts

It’s pride month, so I’m feeling an entire post dedicated to pride crowd funding initiatives coming on. In the meantime, super cool, anatomically correct, very gay hearts are totally something you can wear on your literal sleeve. These are great, and I love the range they make available right from the get go! Also I appreciate the fact that they do two pin backings on there instead of one – I’m absolutely terrified of losing these guys as I definitely did when I was in Disney, so the more safety, the better! Lastly – one of the stretch goals include T-SHIRTS!! Just brilliant, this one.

Dragon Age Pride

As my partner likes to say, I am Dragon Age trash. I love the game series, maybe a little too much, and I get mildly obsessive. So when I saw the the pins, I recognized them immediately. I appreciate that someone who regularly makes accessories is running this – the only downside is the limited options unless it gets funded (and even more since the one I love the most is the LAST stretch goal). So fingers crossed they manage to pull it off so we can get a better spectrum of options at the end of it!

Dungeons & Dragons Creatures

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.39.31 PM

If you haven’t noticed, we’re D&D nerds in here. So I HAD to have something D&D related when it came to pins. I was delighted to find this one that featured creatures with various polyhedral dice! They’ve picked five particularly famous D&D creatures and made them into pin for. Unfortunately right now, only the gelatinous cube and displacer beast – I want that mimic! The beholder is also quite wonderful. These are just so much fun, and they’re killing it early on, so I feel like that beholder is going to be available sooner or later. Even better – once all the pins are available, the next stretch goal is having the dice be GLITTERFIED! Who doesn’t love a glitter die? If you don’t, I actually don’t want to hear it. Glitter is amazing. There’s no argument to be had.

That’s it for this week’s finds! What have you backed lately? Share it with us in the comments or on twitter @chaoticrogueentertainment #kickinstarter


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