Quickly Funded Finds

Welcome to Kickin’ Starters – my weekly excuse to look through Crowdfunding campaigns and torture myself because I can’t just buy all the things. This week, there have been some AMAZING ones out there that funded in 24 hours or less! Let’s dive in.

Journal 29 Revelation

So this one was funded in 24 hours, and I’m starting to see why. The story in this game is that a top secret excavation was pretty quiet up until the 29th week. At which point the team disappeared, and all that was left behind was this journal. In the journal, there are puzzles which will unravel the rest of the story so you can solve the mystery of what happened. It’s like Professor Layton meets pencil and paper. And a smart phone, since it needs that too. But it’s just so… classic looking. It’s simplistic in design, but I’m kind of in love with the elegance of this. It’s a choose your own adventure but with all the puzzles of an escape room.

So yes. It’s a puzzle book. But it’s much more than a puzzle book. It’s a story along the way. Apparently, this is continued story from Journal 29, but you don’t need to have done that in order to do this one. They’ve unlocked 3 stretch goals already, and have just under 2 weeks to go.

One Week Ultimate Werewolf

I have a weird relationship with the game Werewolf. I love it. Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s fun. I’ve also seen so many stage versions of it, I’ve developed a drinking game. But I digress – it is still a blast but I’m always curious as to HOW THE HELL they keep coming out with so many freaking versions? So, really, I picked this one this week because it fit the theme, but also so I could figure out what makes it different from the ten million other versions already out there. I needed to know. For science.

So this was funded in 30 minutes. Damn. This one takes place in a castle, and rooms add a special twist to the game’s mechanics. It also adds more pieces so this becomes more than just a “sit in the living room and play” kind of game. You do seem to need a table, which also would be a giant wrench in any theatrical version of this. The rooms in the castle all have abilities – for example, the observatory lets you watch other players in the room, but if there are no other players there that night, you watch ALL PLAYERS IN THE CASTLE. Which is insane. So you would want to not leave that person alone, but you also might not want to be stuck with that person in the room. So yeah. Whole other level of intricacy has been added to the game.

With lots of time to go on this one, if you’re a fan of the game itself, it could very well be worth picking up. But if you’re like my friends and like to run a stage version of the game, it might not mesh well with that format.

Five Minute Dungeon: Curses! Foiled Again! Expansion

So, I don’t actually own Five Minute Dungeon, but my neighbour does, which is the only reason why I don’t. The original game is AMAZING and MAN does it move fast. So the second I saw there was an expansion out, was not surprised it was funded in 20 MINUTES. Yeah. You read that right. That’s amazing.

Never played before? Basically, it’s a fast-paced, cooperative game where you have 5 minutes in which to beat all the enemies in a dungeon! Literally, a round takes 5 minutes. Obviously, you want to play more than one, but still. You beat the enemies/obstacles with the cards in your hand, and you work together to communicate the best plan. It goes by REALLY fast. So this is the expansion, which now features curses and artifacts, and has two new characters, allowing up to six players to play (when it was previously five).

The art’s fantastic, and honestly the game itself is just so much fun. It’s a great game to play when you have a limited amount of time, and it’s DEFINITELY an adrenaline rush. If you don’t own the game, you can get it along with the expansion in this KS! Only 10 days left, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find it in stores if you miss your chance online.


So those are my faves for now! Did you back any of these already? Have you seen anything cool on KS or IG lately? Share it with us in the comments or on twitter @chaoticrogueentertainment #kickinstarters


Natalie Wallace is one of the lead nerds behind Chaotic Rogue Entertainment. She harbors a love for Tsum Tsums, and in her spare time, she can be found procrasti-baking. 


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