Books, Books, and More Books

Welcome to Kickin’ Starters – my excuse to explore crowdfunding campaigns to my heart’s content! We’ve got three awesome campaigns going on right now, all to do with books.

Ladies of the Month Colouring Book

I’m a sucker for a colouring book. That adult colouring book trend was so up my alley. That being said, I can NEVER finish a picture. But I will beautifully half start most of a book of them! I’m also mildly vain and LOVE my birth month – October. So really, this is a wonderful combination of the two. This beautiful artwork by Angela Rachelle Sasser, artist and author of Angelic Visions, just floors me. The art nouveau style is always stunning, and they do it masterfully. With 19 days still to go in this campaign, I’m sure we’ll be hitting some of those stretch goals.

Drawn to Sex

We all know that sex education is poorly done. Period. There’s not much more to say on that. However – now there’s a better way to learn! This Kickstarter is a collection of comics ABOUT sex education from Oh Joy, Sex Toy by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan. While being absolutely adorable in the drawing style, THIS STUFF IS IMPORTANT!!!! There are still 20 days to go, and it’s already fully funded. Over 1300 people can’t be wrong! Also, you can get a PDF of the book for $8, which is an amazing price. That’s basically the cost of a latte these days anyway, right? Yeah. So give up your latte, and get on this!

RPG Book Leather Cover

I have a fond love for the KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid/Silly/Sassy-pants. This is one of the simplest Kickerstarters I’ve seen, but it’s beautiful in its simplicity. I am clumsy by nature (which makes me an awful rogue in that respect, but we get by), and so a gorgeous leather cover for my RPG books is something RIGHT up my alley. It’s already almost funded, and their Twitter suggests colours may be added if they hit their goal.

This campaign comes from Libris Arcana – better known as a company who found me on Twitter and has been taunting me and my dice addiction. They do RPG books, dice subscription boxes (which I’m going to be investing in soon, much to my DM’s chagrin) and other general gaming supplies. But here’s the BEST part about them – THEY’RE CANADIAN!! I mostly relish in this because we, too, are Canadian, and we Canadian gaming nerds need to stick together. Also, I love them because they are SO so clean about their shipping within Canada vs the US. Because I swear, that is the one thing that stops me more often than not when it comes to online shopping – hidden shipping prices.

But I digress – the simple nature of this campaign is that it feeds a need elegantly, and it’s an easy to reach goal. Definitely one to check out! Also this way you can make all your manuals look leather bound. Give me a robe, and I’ll be running around with my PHB as my tome of spells, pretending to be a wizard.


So those are my faves for this week! Check these awesome things out before they end. Have you seen anything cool on KS or IG lately? Share it with us in the comments or on twitter @chaoticrogueentertainment #kickinstarters


Natalie Wallace is one of the lead nerds behind Chaotic Rogue Entertainment. She harbors a mild strong dinosaur obsession and spends her spare time dressed up as one. 


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