Kickin’ Starters – Dice, Dungeons, and… Straws?

Welcome to Kickin’ Starters – my excuse to peruse crowdfunding platforms and find the coolest ones currently going. Here’s my favourites for this week!

Iconic Mythical Dice

I’m a sucker for dice. No, really, any opportunity to get new ones, I’m on it like a giant on a small village, isolated from the world. That’s a strange analogy to kick off with but I’m sticking to it. I digress – with 25 days to go, this one is doing AMAZINGLY because it’s simple in what it is – really pretty dice. All based on mythical creatures. Admittedly I came across this one originally on Twitter when someone shared an image of the Dragon Egg and I totally fell in love. And every set comes in its own cute little bag. Adorable right? Also that silver glitter D20 is just fab.

Basically what we’ve learned here that if there is a dice crowdfunding campaign out there, you bet I’m going to spotlight it.

Dungeon Runners

Because who doesn’t love running through dungeons? Games like this one are a great way to simulate a D&D session without needing a DM – the game takes care of that for you! While the art isn’t my favourite, it does have some particularly hilarious gems – specifically the item Axthullu, which is both a terrifying and hilarious concept. The monsters are quite cute and amusing, and generally this seems like it will be a fun game.

The KS is on for another 27 days, and seems to be about 20% there already, so while it’s not funded yet, I have a good feeling it will be soon enough.

The Final Straw

And no, I’m not just putting this one up there because it sounds funny. This is actually fairly cool idea, and a VERY well put together KS in general. I’m not a huge straw person (mostly because the sound of plastic against metal makes me cringe) but this is just brilliant. Not to mention their tag line is “The greatest advancement in sucking technology – since, like, forever.” They raise excellent points about the impact of plastic straws on the environment, and created a wonderful product to help combat that. But they’re going to succeed because of the humour that they have in their marketing.

I love that this is retractable, has a carrying case (although like hell am I attaching that to my keys, that keychain is cumbersome enough as it is), AND includes a squeegee for cleaning. I owned a set of really cool straws awhile back (they were plastic but reuseable) and let me tell you – they are the WORST to clean. The absolute worst. You can’t clean them. That’s the fact. So eventually I tossed them. I like that they attacked that concern head on.

Now here’s what really sold me on this one – the colour names. Shark-butt Grey. Suck-ulent Green. Mostly those two, although I have a strange love for anything arctic blue (long story). But in general, this campaign is just so well put together, the fact that they’ve raised over a million and still have just under half the campaign to go, is not surprising.


So those are my picks for this week! Check these awesome things out before they end. Have you seen anything cool on KS or IG lately? Share it with us in the comments or on twitter @chaoticrogueentertainment #kickinstarters


Natalie Wallace is one of the lead nerds behind Chaotic Rogue Entertainment. She harbors a mild dice obsession and spends her spare time making arbitrary porg noises. 


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