Multiclass Mastery: Tactician

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The Mage College

tumblr_nzke8kswrt1thxsmlo1_1280Not everyone is known for their strength and fighting prowess – sometimes you need brilliance from behind the scenes to orchestrate something bigger into motion in order to ensure victory. Such is the role of a tactician. One of my favourite video game references of this is from Dragon Age: Inquisition – your council of Commander Cullen, Josephine, and Leliana are all tacticians, with different strengths. Together they devise a strategy to lead the Inquisition to victory, utilizing the forces they have available. And that kind of character is definitely one that you can choose to play in D&D.

For the record – this is just a recipe, and like most recipes, there’s no one way to really create the dish. So take this with a grain of salt and add your own flair to it, especially taking into consideration how you like to play.

Master Strategist

Similarly to how…

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The Importance of Playtesting

Alright, so taking a brief tangent away from specifically D&D (and tabletop RPGs in general) to slide on over to just general board games, and how to have more fun with them. I wanted to talk today about the importance of playtesting, and specifically the act of going out to play test other peoples' games.... Continue Reading →

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